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iCreate specialize in Architectural Renderings, architectural marketing materials and virtual reality presentations

iCreate Ltd is considered a specialist in complete 3D architectural rendered virtual reality, Architectural 3d, 3d Rendering. We create presentations and visualization for architectural design and new real estate and developments. We are also pionering virtual tour provider. Since 2002 we have seemlessly mixed 3D, video, special effects, DVD and the internet to create not just a rendering, illustration, visualization or simple fly through but complete, sales tool. We can take on any project of any size with our experienced and helpfull team.

The benefits of 3D Visualisation

3D architectural visualisation can make a real difference to the success of any property development by enhancing a project at every stage of the process.

Developers are increasingly recognising the benefits of using 3d virtual tour technologies to realise their developments long before the first stone has been laid, planning officers are increasingly asking for 3D visualisation in support of planning applications and computer graphics are also a valuable tool when it comes to marketing and selling a property.

…At the design stage

3D visualisations enable everyone involved in a project to understand what is being planned and have their input.
For those who can’t make the mental leap from a blueprint or drawing to imagine what the reality will look like, virtual property tour brings plans to life in a vivid and powerful way.
When they see the 3D models for the first time, developers are often struck by new ideas to improve the development. When visualisations are used at the design stage these modifications can be incorporated into the final plans to the benefit of everyone.
Any problems or weak points in the design can be identified quickly when looking at 3d cad rendering and the necessary modifications can be made. Without accurate pre-visualisations, these problems may not be discovered until the building stage, when they are much more costly to rectify and may hold up the progress of the development.

…At the planning stage

Architectural Graphics are created from your architectural plans, and are accurate and to scale. This means they can be relied on as an accurate representation of the development.
Planning officers are able to see immediately what you are trying to do. Some planning officers are starting to ask to see Architectural Animation in support of applications.
Architectural Illustration of new buildings can be merged with photos or video of the actual site, to show how the development will fit in with its surroundings.
Visual presentations are more memorable and more inspiring than 2D drawings and plans.
3D graphics show your development in its best possible light, and highlight the key benefits of your plans.

…At the sales stage

If you need to sell property off plan, before building work has been completed – or even started – 3D graphics will enable buyers to visualise the finished development.
flythroughs can evoke a sense of atmosphere and lifestyle, so buyers can picture themselves in the space.
Interior shots and walk-throughs enable buyers to select their choice of fixtures, fittings and decoration, and make informed decisions about customisation.
3D walk-throughs are replacing the traditional ‘show home’ model of selling properties, because they provide all the relevant information as well as capture the imagination of potential buyers.
Buyers can take home brochures and videos to discuss with friends and family. Realistic 3D visualisations give them the confidence they need to invest in a development that hasn’t yet been built.
3d rendering can be published online, making your development available to buyers all over the world.

3D Architectural Rendering

In the building and development industries, some projects will never get built simply because the decision makers cannot understand the designer’s vision. If you are frustrated with trying to communicate your 2D designs and drawings to people who can’t make the leap from a blueprint, or even a good drawing or sketch, to what the reality will look like, then you understand the limitations of traditional architectural illustration.

It is now possible to create interactive, 3D presentations that pack a lot of punch, and bring a project to life through the use of computer illustrations and architectural animations. Virtual reality 3D models are created from the sketches, photographs and/or CAD files that you provide, and used to produce photo-real architectural renderings that help clients, backers and buyers see what the future will look like.

Given the fact that there is a computer or a DVD player in most homes and offices these days, it is surprising that more people aren’t making use of interactive 3D presentations on DVDs to sell their projects. But the cost of the equipment and software, and the lack of skilled people in this field, makes it difficult for architects and developers to produce high impact architectural rendering and animation in-house. And besides, creating professional 3D presentations on DVD is not the most effective use of your time.

3D Virtual reality models of new developments are replacing the traditional artist’s impression as the most effective way to show people what buildings will look like, long before the first stone has been laid. And a young Swansea company, iCreate Ltd, is leading the way in creating photo-realistic 3D visualisations of the future.

We provide a complete 360 degree virtual tour for architects and developers all over the world for all types of projects, below are a few:

Detached housing

High Rise buildings

Resort developments

Residential communities

Commercial developments

Retail buildings and precincts

Landscaped features

Golf courses and facilities

Hotels and hotel facilities

All off the plan and pre-construction real estate property developments

Property developers / property development

Real estate agencies

We have many solutions to suit your needs and help you with certain objectives. below are a few

Apartment virtual tours

architecture 3d renders

virtual fly throughs

3d renderings

3d cad

Cad Graphics

Animation Services

3d Kiosk

3d apartment animation
360 virtual tour
architectural illustration
3d Graphics
virtual tour photography
3d Interior Visualization

If your looking to Sell New Homes or Sell Houses, or create Property Marketing for Planning Permission, Point Of Sale, then contact us for a Virtual Tour, Fly-by, Fly-through or Visualisation for your Apartment

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